KJ Group creates strives to excel by creating exceptional properties, provide world-class education and give back to society through Social Initiatives.

We are KJ Group. An organisation founded on the principle that this is a “World of Infinite Possibilities”. Founded and Managed by Shri. Kishor Otarmal Jain, who hails from a family history of business magnets and an active member of the Raigad Wing of Shivsena, of which he is also amongst the head honchos.

KJ Group strives to excel in every vertical we exist in. From Real Estate to Education and our CSR Social Initiatives revolve around our very own founding principle: “World with Infinite Possibilities”. And we are breaking barriers every day of our existence. Landmark real estate projects to the best in education for the society. All in “just” another day at work for KJ Group.






KJ Group is the home to award winning companies with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.